I’ve had enough

March 29, 2007

Well, it’s not as though I’ve really had enough – I’d have quit by now – but I have made the decision to transfer to senior high school.  While it’s by no means a sure thing, I remain hopeful.  My colleagues tell me it’s difficult to transfer between divisions like this.

I guess we’ll see how many people I’ve pissed off.

But I am of conflicted mind about the move.  On the one hand, junior high is way so less stressful. I know the subject matter backwards, and in two languages.  I can plan an off the cuff lesson (say, after an all nighter, during which I might have lesson prepped) in real time, and put together a lab activity in ten minutes. And the kids don’t even have a clue. And those junior high behaviours… well, lets just say that I behave much like they do, so we have an understanding.

It’s not so tough as long as you understand where adolescents are coming from.

On the other hand, junior high kids, day in, day out, do leave their mark.  I’m tired of the fuckheads who should be in jail, who don’t want to be in school, or who love nothing more than to interrupt the learning of their classmates.

Senior high will be a challenge.  I’ll no doubt have to get up to speed with the various programs of study and deal with more demanding students and parents.  But hey! I know my science.  Before teaching I was a research biolchemist.  Shared a lab, an NSERC grant, and some nominally cutting edge research.

Unfortunately, there was no money in that. So I became a teacher.  I know, stupid move.

So there you go.  I’ll let you know what happens.



  1. Eh, I know how you feel. I stumbled on your blog by accident. I teach Jr. High Science & PE and was offered a full time PE job on the spot today (for next year).

    I’m taking it. I love jr. high kids. THey are insane. Your blog is great. I’m subscribing, if only for the laughs.

    I love teaching science. But the prep is killing me. Hang in there.

    Thanks for dropping by. No worries, life as a teacher is good. Just time for a change.


  2. You obviously don’t belong teaching. This is EXACTLY why I sent my kid to private her whole life. To avoid losers like you who take up teaching and don’t belong.

  3. […] in the meantime, some housekeeping.  About a year ago, I wrote about having had enough, and looking to make the switch to senior high school.  I wrote about my frustrations, and of new […]

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