Off (as in track)

September 29, 2007

If you read the sole comment to my (immediate previous post, you’ll notice that I’m off track.  Commenter “Syb” sez so.

She doesn’t really explain why or how so… my contention is that (at least here in Calgary) in our classes, teaching is  relegated to the lowest common denominator.  My time is spent (inordinantly) dealing with the lowest 20% who are neither able nor willing to keep up with academic work.

They should be elsewhere, but alas, we have no elsewhere to send them.

Now, admittedly,  our public schools may not be as bad as those in the US.  And thank the fucking Goods we have no such animal as NCLB, or else I think I should shoot myself right here and now.  But what we do have, well, I’m notto fond of it.  I’ve told my friends who have kids that I’d be saving right now to send mine to private school.

There is, of course, lots more to be said about this issue.  Later, children.  Later.

But in the meantime, I’ve discovered Syb’s Website, No Moron Left Behind. You should too.

It’s where I learned that the US is now outsourcing teachers?  WTF?  From India. And here’s what they (Indian teachers)  expect:

 • Students who feel privileged to be in school.

• Students who show respect by standing when the teacher enters the classroom.

• Students who behave because it is expected of them, and they don’t have to be told twice.

• Students who do the math with paper and pencil, showing the work.

• Students who cram into class and endure boring chalk-and-slate presentations.

• Students who write a page or two when a paragraph would suffice.

• Students who wear uniforms to school.

I should expect so much.



  1. Sry

    I should have been more clear w/ my comment. I am +not+ a writer (too easily distracted) but (thankfully) was able to teach writing.

    I meant (in the orevious comment) that I think we should all work harder to make public schools be what they +should+ (and can) be… as opposed to deferring to the private sector(s)

    I would not have left a comment at all… had I realized that you did not teach in the US.. my bad for not having read enuf of yr blog to note that.


    Also apologies for beiinng unclear.

    Good luck w/ yr year(s) teaching. It is a rewarding career regardless of the conditions under which we teach.. even the craXy NCLB here in the US.



  2. Gotcha, Syb. No harm no foul. It was nice of you to drop by and say hi. Keep on coming around!

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