About Me…

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Hallo, I am Alexi

No, it’s not my given name, but those who know me will recognize my nickname. I use it for rather obvious reasons. Although I haven’t tested it, I rather suspect that my betters downtown might have a thing or two to say about musing inside info.

I’ve been teaching for eight years, and picked up the teaching degree as an add-on to my primary science degree, of which I am most proud, and for which I worked most diligently. Originally, I worked as a research biochemist (studying chirality in biomolecules) but was drawn to teaching because… well, dammit, I like kids. I love their energy, their naive outlook on the world, and their (usually) open-mindedness.

Of course that love doesn’t always transfer over to my colleagues, administrators, or bosses downtown… if ever there was a profession in which the Peter Principle were applicable, education would be it.

Things like that tend to bug me. Or my attitude. I don’t suffer fools well. Not very well at all.

So… what else can I say that doesn’t give things away too much… hmm… Well, I live and work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have kids in the school system. I have a dog. I work for one of the largest school boards in the country. And I do it because I’m in love with the idea of teaching and working with young people. If I ever leave the profession, it will be due to the incompetence of people I work with.

So there you go. Welcome to my world.

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