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Carnival 110

March 14, 2007

the one hundred and tenth edition of the Carnival of Education is hosted by the Educational Wonks this week. I was tardy in submitting this week. Damn.

But I did make it to last week’s

By the way, is it just me who thinks that Blogger’s “click on the date to get a specific post” way of doing things sucks? It does. Just me?


Carnival 108

March 1, 2007

I discovered the wide world of education blogging quite by accident. Browsing  for some long forgotten pedagogical search term (I do like to keep on top of the research), I came across a certain site (long since forgotten), which led me to the current installment
of the Carnival of Education.

I don’t know who started it of how one comes to host it, but through it, I’ve found most of blogroll, to the right.

Hosting the 108th edition of the Carnival is Dr. Homeslice.

Do notice that the good doctor is not on my blogroll.  I’ve long since become put off by his unabashedly pro union stance (more akin to unions über alles).  As a teacher, I have a problem with unions in general, and my union in specific.  Perhaps it’s unfair of me, and Dr. Homeslice deserves a second look…  I’ll think about it.

In the meantime, the carnival is a (n often) fun roundup of the best educational postings of the past week. Worth a look-see.