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February 4, 2007

Man, I wish I had the cojones to do this.

I’ve certainly had the opportunity to, and it looks like this: the school resource teacher (an admin position tasked with handling special needs students, amlong other things) comes to my class (interupting it) and asks me to fill out a six or eight page student assessment form.

See, little Dorothy isn’t doing so well. She’s lazy, but mom thinks she just needs a little love and understanding. Nothing that a little educational coding can’t help with.

Here’s what happened to IB a Math Teacher:

Screw you.

I know that a mother of a kid is upset that her kid isn’t doing as well in school as she thinks he can and needs an excuse to get extra help in college…

But, do you have to send me a form with nearly 200 questions on it to fill out to make your job easier? Have I ever asked for a survey from you so that I can “diagnose” his math abilities? Do you think that my caseload of 175 kids every day is less than yours, and I can set aside time to fill out this out? You have a secretary, why not send her to school with this kid and have her answer these questions?

And here’s what he did:

Here’s something you should consider…if you ever have to put a 63¢ stamp on the return envelope because the post office won’t deliver it with a 39¢ one, then don’t even bother asking. If I’m going to take the hour to do it, then I’m charging you what I think I’m worth for an extra hour after a ten hour day.

In the 39¢ envelope I’ve sent is a letter that explains my fee for the work…$75 for this information that you want. If you agree, please approve it, enclose a check, and I’ll get your form back to you by your return date so that you can diagnose this kid with something with my data for twice as much.

Now that takes balls. I’m pretty sure I’d get fired if I did that.