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September 6, 2007

First day of school today, and yes, I am busy.  Thanks for asking.  Serves me right to ask for a new assignment.

But this continues to be a problem, no matter where I teach …

Redy for school

In case you’re looking for one of those over-the-top girl tees, here’s one place to shop.  I especially like the “Miss Bitch” option; I’ve had more than a few of those kinds of students, and would actually appreciate the heads up.

Here are some other good ones:



April 11, 2007

I’d forgotten how much work it is to come back to school after a week off.  Still recovering… I feel like I’m in a fog.  Luckily, so do the kids, so they’re not noticing anything.

March break is, of course, the prime time for international student travel.  We’re still missing  one group of kids, who are off traveling through Europe.  I miss these kids; the tone in class is decidedly less businesslike without them. Luckily, none of ours were involved in sinking ships and such.

Unfortunately, students from Tofield School visiting Santorini weren’t so lucky.  Their ferry sank from underneath them.

While reading about the events, I came across this interesting passage, aparantly in reference a grade 10 student at Toefield.

Strilchuk, 16, said she and her friends had no life jackets. When she saw a man clutching one, she pleaded with him to hand it over.

She said she made a fist and punched him in the face when he wouldn’t.

“He was holding it and he was 40 years old and we were kids,” she explained, adding that she pulled the life jacket from him and gave it to a friend.

Strilchuk said she later punched another man and took his life jacket for herself.

And this makes me absolutely sick

Lord of the flies on the high seas, indeed. Some punk ass kid believes that she has the right to someone else’s lifejacket, that she assaults not one, but two fellow passengers and steals theirs.  It’s a disgrace.  She should feel very ashamed of herself.

Now of course, none of us were there on that ship, and few of us have ever been in such a situation. But I can tell you unequivocally that I would never do such a thing.  Would you?

It’s related to this sense of entitlement I feel that too many kids have these days.  “It’s no fair that you have something that I want”, I can almost hear them whine. “Give it to me or I’ll… I’ll…”

What, drown?

A 45 year old man and his 16 year old daughter died in this tragedy. Kristen Strilchuk had better hope that one of people she punched and stole from  was not this man.

Such events have a habit of haunting you for a while.


I’ve wanted to say this many times

March 18, 2007


Never had the guts, though. Unabashedly stolen from What It’s Like On The Inside.



March 9, 2007

This goes with my post below:


From Indexed: I know you’re special. Now give me my fries. Funny, how things work.


I hate spring

March 8, 2007

Actually, I like the idea of spring. I merely hate its implementation.


Here in Cowtown, spring means mud. And dirt. And puddles. And for some reason, kidlets and mud and moisture seem to attract each other.

I have this problem a couple of times a year; sometimes in the early winter, at first snowfall, and sometimes right around now. My kids (who, at grade nine, ought to know better) insist on rolling around in old snowbanks and stomping around in the muck. And then returning to class after lunch.

My class.

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